Friday, July 16, 2010


its 10000 degree where i live.
i love it,
and i love summer.
swimming is a great invention.
reading. yuck :)
me and tamarah
abi me tamarah
looks like i cant talk.. im hotter hahaha not.

them boys... are wierd. and i like it.
see what i mean?
grant carson me and tamarah

and water balloons.
whatta fun part too.
ps. me and my friends also have been playing in the hose alot!
its a blast.
i <3>
oh and guess what?
im going to girls camp next week!
im stokkkkkkkkkkkkked. :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

courage to stand

Joshua 1:9
"Be strong and of a good courage; Be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed:
for the lord thy god is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

Santa Barbra EFY.. it was amazing.
my favorite part was testimony meeting for sure.
our CUTE wristbands! haha
me and my roomate
part of my group

me and rachel
part of my group
me and ashhh
me and kaili
me and oakley
me and jenna
ash, me, melissa
i had so much fun with these two!!
i love you both!
EFY was definitely a memorable week.
i met so many new fun people and i had a blast!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

best friends forever

us 4.. are best friends. or you could call us sisters.
we all get a long so well and can always have fun together. we make a bad situation good, and always choose the right together!
i cant remember a time when we didnt have fun.
i am so happy that we all have the same standards, and believe the same things!
i love you guys!

staci allen:
gorgeous, fun, outgoing, responsible, and richeous.
how i met her:
in the locker room in 7th grade and the first thing she said
to me was i like your shoes!
oh staci i love you! you can always have fun and you can always make me laugh!!
(sorry for only two pictures staci..
you were slaking on giving them to
me so i decided to go ahed and post!)
love you!

tamarah allen:
kind, forgiving, spunky, chocolate lover, loyal
how i met her: at aspen groves after living one house away for 6 years.
i have known her for 4 years!
tamarah, you always have a smile and you get so hyper with me! i love you!

randi goodman:
adorable, hilarious, obedient, smiley, and honest
how i met her:
4th grade we would play down below (the movie with 8 dogs) and she
was always nice and included me!
randi you are amazing! thanks for always being there! i love you!

i dont really wanna describe myself so here i am. :) hahahaa

and group picturesss.. :)

staci and randi on the last day of school
tamarah and randi at EFY

randi and i at the mall
could i just tell you? these to are hilarious together..
they both have the funniest personalities and they just crack EVERYONE up. not kidding. EVERYONE.

i love you girls! thanks for everything!! :) your amazing!